‘Rituals: Megalithomania’ Limited Edition Sculpture

•    Carrara marble
•    Dimensions: 600mm x 225mm x 115mm
•    Edition of 8 + 2 AP
•    Supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity
•    Shipping included (in bespoke aluminium flight case).


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‘Rituals: Megalithomania’ limited edition sculpture is from an ongoing series of work exploring ancient and modern ritual. This sculpture was exhibited using Augmented Reality in Venice during the 2019 Biennial. Incorporating prehistoric stone megaliths, the sculptures explore our relationship with the past and modern ritual.

As part of the sculpture process, archaeological monuments were digitally scanned, contrasting the primitive techniques used to create these stone structures thousands of years ago. The monuments are over 5,000 years old and are records of advancement of ancient humans.

The stone circles and megaliths are still subject of investigation, meanings and rational have evolved over centuries, each generation applying their own theories regarding the purpose of these structures. From folklore, mythology and ritual, the stones explanations have changed over time, projecting the current inhabitants understanding of the past.

Modern-day ritual is conveyed in the work as a figure interacting with the stones, creating a dialogue between religion, pilgrimage, cult and consumerism. Consumption behaviour is ritualised, brand symbolism transfers cultural meaning to objects, obtaining these goods becomes a ritual and transfers properties of meaning onto the consumer.

The limited edition pieces is from an edition of 8 (+2 AP), cast in white Carrara marble.

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